What is the EZ Sauce?

EZ Sauce

The Revolutionary On or Off Ice
Hockey Training Tool

  • Designed to learn and master the art of the saucer pass.
  • Have Fun Learning to Saucer Pass
  • Fly the EZ Sauce both High and Low to Various Targets

Learning, developing and perfecting the saucer pass is a skill that requires instruction and practice. The EZ Sauce training tool uses a fun approach to help players learn and master on the of most important skills in the game of hockey… the “saucer pass”.

This training tool will allow you to have fun while developing and enhancing your skill. Players of all ages are enjoying the benefits of the revolutionary EZ Sauce and we believe you will too!

Great for Off and On Ice Training!

See the “EZ Sauce” in Action

EZ Sauce Trick Shot Contest

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Master the Art of the Saucer Pass

EZ Sauce is available now! See where you can pick up your pack of EZ Sauce pucks or check your local hockey supply retailer.

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